Top 3 Home Mortgage Myths

Top 3 Home Mortgage Myths

We all hear concerning the nice advantages of getting a house mortgage. Banks and lots of monetary advisors and accountants inform purchasers to maintain their house mortgage even throughout retirement. Let’s dispel some frequent house mortgage myths.

#1 Owning a Home is Better than Renting

Now I do agree with the assertion that proudly owning a house is healthier than renting a house. However, we have to go just a little additional intimately to dispel this frequent delusion.

Owing a house is nice because you do acquire fairness and have one thing to promote later versus renting a house. The delusion banks inform us is we “own” our house. In reality the financial institution “owns” the house. We solely are making fee on the house. When you cease making funds on the house the financial institution will foreclose and take the house away from you. Unfortunately many individuals have realized this truth over the previous 5 years.

True house possession is once you not owe any quantity cash on your private home. Banks by no means need you to repay your home whatever the stability owed. Banks give you house fairness loans to assist hold us in debt. A house fairness mortgage is only a nice huge bank card with our house as collateral.

Myth #1 of proudly owning a house is busted since you don’t “own” your private home till the mortgage is paid off.

#2 I Get a Tax Deduction on Interest Paid to Bank

Myth #2 of receiving a tax deduction for curiosity needs to be one the primary culprits why individuals refuse to repay their house mortgage. I’ve been with purchasers who state they don’t wish to repay their house mortgage as a result of they’d lose their tax deduction.

The tax deduction excuse needs to be one of many stupidest feedback ever made for not eliminating your home fee. Sorry if I’m being just a little harsh with the tax deduction delusion, however it’s a must to take a tough take a look at your personal funds as a substitute of the banks.

If you consider receiving a tax deduction is one motive why you continue to have to have a house mortgage then please reply this query: Would you relatively have your $800 or $1,500 home fee in your checking account or the financial institution’s checking account?

What is your reply? It higher be in my very own checking account. Why must you pay your hard-earned cash to a financial institution in your house when you may have the choice to repay the house mortgage? No one from the financial institution will punish you for those who resolve to repay your home early, so why not?

For far too lengthy banks have duped us into believing shedding a tax deduction is a nasty factor. Remember banks are within the enterprise to create a revenue. Banks earn more money by retaining us in debt on our home. You want to start out engaged on a plan to pay additional on your home fee. Figure out how a lot it’s worthwhile to pay to chop your payoff date in half. For most individuals you would need to make one to a few additional funds a 12 months.

Here is a fast instance: Your home fee is $1,200 a month. In this instance you would need to begin paying $100 to $200 additional every month to pay one or two extra funds a 12 months.

#3 NOT Having a Mortgage will Hurt My Credit Score

I’ve to confess Myth #3 could possibly be partially true. Having a house mortgage can enhance your credit score rating. By having a decrease credit score rating chances are you’ll not obtain the most effective charge on bank cards or automotive loans.

With that being mentioned I nonetheless level to Myth #2 of not having a home fee in any respect. Take a minute and suppose how exhausting wouldn’t it be to afford a automotive fee for those who didn’t owe a single penny on your home? A automotive fee could be straightforward to afford and any respectable financial institution would approve you immediately. Of course I’m assuming you do save your mortgage fee and pay your payments on time.

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