Are You Using Your Intellect For Good?

Are You Using Your Intellect For Good?

As the election cycle intensifies the rhetoric will get thicker and thicker. One facet of the political spectrum accuses the opposite facet of this or that. Mud flies and the one factor all of us want…the reality…isn’t addressed. I simply do not perceive how that is the nice use of mind a lot much less power. Yet as a result of we the individuals do not use our mind correctly it really works.

Life is difficult, much more so currently. The economic system sucks. Unemployment is excessive, the housing market is tanking but once more. Everyday the information will get worse and worse. At least in response to the media. So the place does the usage of our mind play into all of this.

Ever play the sport Gossip? It’s a terrific celebration recreation and proves how our society works. Place your friends in a circle or a line. The first individual whispers a phrase or quick description within the ear of the individual subsequent to them and that individual does the identical to his neighbor and so forth and so forth. By the time the knowledge will get to the final individual its completely unrecognizable. Yet we, the individuals, are inclined to consider something that’s in print, on TV, or now, on the Web. Why is that?

Just as a result of it is within the media would not make it true. Look up among the worldwide newspapers and browse tales concerning the United States. Then examine them with what our media is saying. Very completely different aren’t they? We all have our personal perspective on issues and that is had been mind is available in.

We use our mind to kind out the issues round us. We use it to filter the knowledge that we soak up. Conversely we additionally use it for what we despatched out in the way in which of our ideas, our speech, our actions and the issues we write. I am utilizing mine proper now to compose this text. Without the usage of our mind we change into nothing greater than lizards reacting to the environment. Our mind units aside from animals. Gives us an edge in the environment and can be utilized for good or unhealthy.

How can you understand in case you are utilizing your mind for good? It’s quite simple. Follow the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I do know, it sounds very churchy preachy but it surely works. By being trustworthy with your self and treating others such as you can be handled your entire habits will change. Tempted to reap the benefits of somebody in a enterprise deal?

Would you need that executed to you? Want to slander somebody, bend the principles, drink a little bit an excessive amount of and threat a horrific accident? Using our mind to consciously suppose and weigh our decisions earlier than we act raises us up out of the mire of being reactionary and places us on the next degree. Think of how a lot better issues can be if our flesh pressers lived by the Golden Rule.

When we use our mind for good we begin searching for others. Just suppose what this world can be like if as a substitute of attempting to get one of the best of one another we began searching for one another in each side. I’d take care of your curiosity and also you after mine permitting each of our pursuits to be served. No extra combating, no extra wars, no extra battle. Just cooperation. Think of the billions of that may very well be spent on serving to mankind as an entire if we simply eradicated battle.

It’s as much as you. We have the ability in our arms to make use of our mind for good. We can use it to profit each our neighbors and ourselves OR we will use it for unhealthy, go to the darkish facet, and reap our simply rewards. The factor is we might do properly for some time however finally our actions will meet up with us. Call it Karma or no matter it really works. Now my query for you is will you utilize your mind for good?


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